31 octobre 2007

Full moon party album

As usual click on the picture below to get access to it.
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31 octobre 2007

Let's back where it started.

Last Thursday we took a plane to Krabi. 200SGD (100Euros) for a return, 1h30 of flight. So we landed to Krabi, met the Americans (thomas's friends) at their Hotel and went out: local Karaoke, and local bar. It was Alex's birthday so it's was quite..fun :)Following morning we took off Krabi, went to the Bus station and took a long-distance bus (3hours) to Surat Thani on the East coast of Thailand (Krabi is on the West coast). Once there we finally took a ferry (2hours and a half) to Ko-Phangan, found a minibus on the island (the full... [Lire la suite]
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31 octobre 2007

2nd video of the Full moon party

For once I can upload quite easily without wasting hours at Boon Lay so I'll use it as much as possible :) This video was at the beginning of the Full Moon Party but these local people dancing with firesticks were actually doing this all night long...maybe the explanation of their impressive skills...
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31 octobre 2007

So I said my week-end was painful...

Actually my week-end is still painful and I can feel it for every letter I'm writting on my keyboard. Putting my major in a spinning fan wasn't probably a good idea... Ok that was stupid but it's the only thing that was my fault.I've been wearing a wound-dressing on my left-foot for more than two days now, meaning I've to deal every day with all the inconvenients of it: no right to wear slippers, no right to go to the swimming-pool and I have to take my showers with my foot wrapped in a plastic bag....All of this because of what? Or... [Lire la suite]
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31 octobre 2007

Preview of the Full moon Party

This is a video I've taken around 4am at one of the numerous place where people dancing all night long. It's actually a bar along the beach with massive speakers shouting house music from 8pm to 12am. The good thing is that they are actually more than 5 or 6 places like that one, each one of them with a different kind of music: House, Dance, Techno and even a Reggae Bar!!!
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30 octobre 2007

Back from full moon party.

To someone that was asking me about my week-end to Thailand I've answered "My week-end was...how to say it...awesome, boring, funny, cheap, expensive and painful at the same time". She told me that I "definitely had an interesting week-end" and she was right. I really have tons of fun in Ko-Phangan (the island where the Full moon party took place) but also in Krabi (a city on the west coast of Thailand, Ko-Phangan is on the east coast) and finally on Phi Phi island even though it was for a very short time...I'm... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2007

Full moon party

Next stage after Tioman is Ko Phangan in Thailand for a FULL MOON PARTY. 5000 persons dancing all night on a beach on an island, more than 20000 persons during summer. So for me it should be around 5000 persons and look like something like that: I'm leaving on Thursday night, the full moon is on Friday night, I'll tell you everything when I'll come back next Monday.
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