Last Friday, I finally escaped from work - sounds like it is a prison.. but don't worry it is far from being the case - to go out and enjoy my not so usual Friday night.

So I took the MRT (metro) from Pasir Ris MRT to Bugis MRT. 12 stops or so and half an hour later I alighted from the MRT and started to look for NAFA (stands for National Academy of Fine Arts) where a friend of mine was part of play: Sweet+Short Singapore. Though I've been in Singapore for almost a year now it took me almost half-an-hour to find the place... I don't know what I should be the most ashamed of: the fact that I don't know Singapore perfectly or the fact that my sense of orientation is as good as England's national team is at football...

Anyway after luring around for ages I was finally enjoying delightful moments of theatre and great play. Sweet+Short Singapore is 10 different plays that don't last more 10min and make you experience everything from joy, admiration, surprise, to shock and sadness. I personally found ""I'll the special" brilliant. Watching two great actors playing the role of a customer that wants to commit suicide after killing his wife and kids and a cynical waiter that serves a menu that starts with poisoned appetizers and entrees and ends with apricot flambee where you "set on fire the apricot first and then the customer" was one of the best moment in the 2hours-long show. "Rats" conceptualizing the Singapore's spirit and authoratism through a society of rats was also a great moment of theatre thanks to its concept.

That was the "not so" part in the "not so usual Friday night". Going to the theatre is not something I'm doing every week and that's why I'll recommend to everybody to go for it expecially for plays such as Sweet+Short Singapore though is don't until when it will last.

The "usual Friday night" is more as follow.

After the play we met a friend of mine in the backstage that had invited us to see him acting. Alek - that's his name - had friend with a car that brought us (me, Alek, and another friend Matthew that watched the play with me) to Clarke Quay. So far so free haha. I had only paid 2$ for the bus and the MRT to the city center... and apparently things will remain the same as another friend was calling me to tell me that a new Club was opening in Clarke Quay.

The club he was referring to is Helipad that is named after is skybar that is designed as an helipad. Gorgeous view over the entire Clarke Quay, only nice people and pretty girls around checking out the new 2 storeys club, and all this for free (to avoid any misunderstanding: I'm not talking about the girls). And yet... we stayed there half-an-hour as the atmosphere wasn't great, the club wasn't packed as people were more checking it out, and unforgivable default: the helipad's skybar didn't have its bar opened!!!!

So back to plan-B: Clarke Quay's Bridge to meet some other friends. Though there is several bridges in Clarke Quay crossing Singapore's river, you will only find one where dozens of young people are chatting while drinking before going to one of Clarke Quay's club. And the reason is: it is in between 7-eleven and Clarke Quay haha. For those that wouldn't know it, 7-eleven is a chain of groceries that are opened 24/7 and also sell alcohol.

Actually plan-B was more than Clarke Quay's bridge since one of my friend had a friend - I love this kind of connection where you know someone that knows someone that can do something for you - that was celebrating her birthday in Ministry of Sound. The "so far so free" philosophy was getting even better as I was getting in MOS for free -invited by the birthday girl I didn't even know - along with my two friends. The birthday girl was a philipina celebrating her 30th birthday with many friends from the Philippines. I got to know them more and though some looked the same age as me (22) I still had someone that told me: "you wanna talk to my husband? he's sitting there"!!!!

I went back home with two friends around 4am. Hummm, I guess I have to precise that also. When I say back home during week-end I mean PGP's couch HAHA. PGP or Prince George's Park is the residence on campus in NUS where I used to stay and where my friend are still staying. So rather than paying 30$ to go back to Pasir I'd rather pay 5$ to share a cab with my friends and sleep in one of the couch that are in the TV rooms in every residence!!! It's free, easier, and best of all: there is AC (aircon) that I don't even have in my flat in Pasir Ris.. I've done this for the past three week-ends (with the exception of one week-end where I slept in a couch at a friend's place). I'm seriously considering bringing some clothes, my cleaning stuff and maybe some curtains for my new home-TV room there so that I'll stop bugging my friends for their stuff when I need to take a shower...HAHA