6 it's written on it living worms doggy, yummy This is Vietnam not in Peru even thought people in tradionnal looks the same Trekking all day around Sappa, rice fields, local people, and They make their tradionnal costumes with that, seems long and tidious Local people cutting the rice Thomas and Khu Sugar cane, this was great, refreshing and rehydrating Our guide Khu She's local and 21 We really had fun trekking all day thanks to her IMG_4640 Thac Bac, means Silver waterfallas in Vietnamese New Joe Bar team member River going to the Perfume Pagoda Cave at the perfume pagoda Halong City Harbour Cave on one of the numerous islands in Ha Long bay Thursday's sunset on Ha Long Bay Trekking on Cat ba Island IMG_5004 IMG_5007 kayaking again last day in Ha long bay, we jumped from the top of the junk Our guide Chan for the three days Hanoi citycenter is Oam giam lake Cyclos, just a tourist crap and then we went to a karaoke place We've seen Ho Chi Minh body there after queing 2hours IMG_5229 Rice alcohol, that was strong Ga means Hard seats to Lao Cai(340kms away from Hanoi) The view from our room (8USD per nigth) IMG_4539 no comment Around Sapa How to improvize a barbecue in your room's fireplace at you hostel fisrt step ask to do fire second step turn on the thermonuclear fan Barbecue in our fireplace meat and peppers I know it's very fashion 125cm3, 4gears, goes everywhere this our motorbikes 2000m highest point on the way to Thac Bac I told you it goes everywhere After hard seats, the hard bed (118,000d), my feet and my head were toouching the walls Hanoi Local people before taking the boat to perfume Pagoda One of the pagodas at the perfume pagoda Another pagoda, it smells only encent, I was disapointed We tried to stay up all night on Wednesday, we almost did it We finally slept two hours in a so called bakery, the waitress did the same Vietnamese junks on the way to Ha Long Bay same cave, it was very impressive Ha Long Bay Vietnamese flag for those who thought it was a communist flag kayaking in the middle of the bay IMG_4975 The was the best part of trekking when it ended living in an house on water and yet he's a cellphone we found our own 50m long beach swimming is such a place was awesome monkey island (there are monkeys I swear) Friday's sunset Making sauvage fire on Cat Ba island people selling shoes on the sidewalk I like the expression of that man standing in the middle I've done so many Loic's, such a pity you weren't there to see that jerome going out with Dat's friends on Saturday Firstly we had dinner with them Tha nu teeeeeeee Temple of litterature This temple is the first university created in Vietnam I've eaten these crabs with the shell and everything three letters, starting by D Time too leave Hanoi