24 juillet 2008

Trip to Penang, pictures

Quelques images de Penang avec Antoine qui vient tout juste d'arriver de France a Singapour..10 h de bus pour arriver sous la pluie, puis superbe journee ensoleillee a profiter de la plage et des randos en forêt, avant de passer une nouvelle fois 10h++ dans le bus le samedi pour rentrer a Singap... coût total de "l'opération": 50€ pour 1 nuit, 2 jours a 800km de bus de Singapour. Je crois que c'est plutôt honnête comme tarif :D
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27 juin 2008

Update after a month of work…

It’s been quite a long time that I haven’t given any news nor written any article on my blog. I guess the big question is: How am I doing? I would say that I’m ok, my job is getting more interesting day after day, I really enjoy the atmosphere at work and the people there, the place where I stay is decent. I mean I don’t pay that much money (400$ rent) and I get access to all the facilities nearby (that I described in a slideshow in a previous article). My life in Singapore is far from being boring as I still have people to hang... [Lire la suite]
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08 juin 2008

Singapore's expensive lifestyle

Last Friday, I finally escaped from work - sounds like it is a prison.. but don't worry it is far from being the case - to go out and enjoy my not so usual Friday night. So I took the MRT (metro) from Pasir Ris MRT to Bugis MRT. 12 stops or so and half an hour later I alighted from the MRT and started to look for NAFA (stands for National Academy of Fine Arts) where a friend of mine was part of play: Sweet+Short Singapore. Though I've been in Singapore for almost a year now it took me almost half-an-hour to find the place... I... [Lire la suite]
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26 mai 2008

for those like me who love Singlish and Singaporeans!!

thanks Stephan for introducing me to this video :D
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07 avril 2008

Finding a room for myself for this summer..

Like I said in the previous article I've spent the past week looking for a room closer to my job..I started Sunday a week ago and by Monday I had managed to view three rooms (one found on easyroomate and two found on adpost)The first one was in Tampines (1 MRT station away from Pasir Ris) and the agent was asking for 250SDG for a common room. I was wondering why it was 200SGD more than any other room I had found but I still wanted to have a look. So I arrived there, block 354 Tampines, waited 20min for the agent to come (and got a... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2008

Wow no more articles since the Philippines..

Time flyies so fast that I can't realize yet that my second semester in Singapore will be over in roughly a month since my last final exam is scheduled on the 6th of May.. What have I been up to since the Philippines?The first thing is that I finally found an internship for this summer in Singapore. I'll be working at SSMC from the 7th onwards and I might finish around the 15th of September. SSMC (stands for Systems on Manufacturing Company) is a company making Integrated circuits. To make it simple they are responsible of the... [Lire la suite]
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19 mars 2008

“Race is an issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now,” Mr. Obama said.

One of the of most striking, magnificent and finesh speeches about racism in America. Obama's speech about racism in Philadelphia:
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09 mars 2008

Internship in Singapore: Visa and others tips

I'm currently looking for an internship in Singapore and like everywhere else there few things to know before finally getting it.The first thing I did was to apply online. If you visit the website of the company that you are interested in there is always a section containing the current openings or career opportunities. It also allows you to apply spontaneoulsy for a job/an internship. And finally it allows you to know more about the company: what the company is doing, where the company is located, where are the manufacturing sites,... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2008


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05 mars 2008

Un grand merci...

PS: il reste quelques trous...
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