Time flyies so fast that I can't realize yet that my second semester in Singapore will be over in roughly a month since my last final exam is scheduled on the 6th of May.. What have I been up to since the Philippines?

The first thing is that I finally found an internship for this summer in Singapore. I'll be working at SSMC from the 7th onwards and I might finish around the 15th of September. SSMC (stands for Systems on Manufacturing Company) is a company making Integrated circuits. To make it simple they are responsible of the manufacturing of the chips that you find in your cellphone, dvd player, camera, computer and so on and so forth. My job there will be on the integration but since nobody really cares I'll stop there the description...

So that was the big thing of last week: deciding to take the SSMC offer, start to do all the administrative stuff either with SSMC or with my home university since the internship is part of my curriculum.

Then I went to Hongkong (I'll try to talk about it soon and put some pictures..) for a long week-end since it was Eastern. Interesting to know is that Eastern is only a Public holiday in Asia on Friday (it's called Good Friday). Therefore I flew off to HK on Thursday and came back last Monday.

One thing I almost forgot is that last week was also the end of my midterm exams. And I can tell you that I was really happy to be done with my 5 midterms (at least for my HK but that's another story).

So what about this week?
Hum, Tuesday nothing special, Wednesday went out to Insomnia (still nothing special, not completely true for those who where there with me but no comment), Thursday went to a barbecue Party to Celebrate the birthday of Quincy (a friend from HK) met Kelvin (also from HK) at the party, Friday went to Sentosa for a few hours at Cafe del Mar for a really nice jacuzzy party :D and then went to St James and pretended to be 25 just to enter in another club (Dragonfly), Saturday went to Pulau Ubin since I was invited there by Kelvin and that was the nicest thing I've done last week, Saturday night talk to some friend on msn and finally today (Sunday) finished some homework (yeah I do study sometimes) and played X360 with some friends.

Ok all this is getting boring without any pictures so why not showing some of them.
Below are some pictures of Pulau Ubin, the island on the East Coast of Singapore I went to last Sunday.

Note to get to Pulau Ubin: take the MRT to Tanah Merah Interchange, take the bus to the ferry terminal from there, then take a boat to the island (cost you 2$ one way and takes 10min to cross), then you can rent some bikes for 2$+ (we paid 5$ for half-a-day but the bikes were quite good though). And then you can wander around on this really nice and relaxing island