22 octobre 2007

Palm oil killing rainforests..

While we were coming back from Mersing to Singapore we saw something that really shocked us. You are doing dozens of kilometers surrounded by rainforest and then...nothing at all....all the trees are gone, and when I mean all of them it's all the trees up to the horizon during several kilometers of drive: thousands of acres simply gone.... And after a few more kilometers you start to understand why: hundreds of thousands of palm oil trees are replacing the former rainforest. Plantations of palm trees are all over the place. I... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2007

One last thing about Tioman....

My week-end to Tioman cost me about 110SGD in all...
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22 octobre 2007


Except snorkeling and diving the only thing you can do if you are fed up with chilling out on the beach is trekking in the jungle. The only advice I can tell you is that you'll need a lot of water and good shoes. Hishaam crushed on a sharp rock our only bottle of water after 100m inside the jungle and all of us were wearing slippers...We wanted to go from Salang to ABC (air batang) and after trekking 1hour and half inside the majestic rainforest, slipping at every step, sweating like hell, enjoying the 99% of humidity we... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2007

Snorkeling in Tioman

According to the Lonely Planet which is quoting someone I don't remember: "people don't come to Tioman for what's out of water but for what is under water" .People are mainly coming to take diving lessons and to do dives. They are many spots, you can even dive and see some wreckages. Me and Hishaam don't have any diving licence and didn't come to get one because there is actually another interesting thing to do in Tioman: snorkeling.We paid 60MYR for a trip to coral island (in front of Salang, in the North of Tioman). Mask... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2007


Hishaam send me this in a text message few hours before we left and I was entirely right. We had the idea to got to Tioman for several weeks and yet we didn't planned anything .I looked for direct buses from Singapore to Mersing but I was quite expensive (20SGD), not convenient at all (buses are leaving from Lavender which is 2hrs from Boon lay) and above the remaining buses were leaving on Friday at 7am.... I had class on Friday until 2pm so we had to find something else.After talking to Christine (who went to Tioman before) we... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2007


Tioman is an island on the East Coast of Malaysia. We decided several weeks ago with my roommate Hisham that we should do some 2days-trips after our midterms exams. We were thinking of Tioman in Malaysia, but also to Bintan in Indonesia or to other places. A week ago Morten (he's Dutch) decided to join us and we finally went at the very last minute to Tioman this weekend after changing our minds at least 3times during the past days. This is Tioman's album, as usual click on it the picture below:
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