09 avril 2008

Halo in Pulau Rawa, Malaysia

And last but not least, we got lucky enough to see a Halo on our last day in Pulau Rawa (Malaysia). For those that only know the video game, a halo is "an optical phenomenon that appears near or around the Sun or Moon, and sometimes near other strong light sources such as street lights" (definition wikipedia). Apparently it is caused by ice crystals in cyrrus clouds (very high is the sky) that diffract the light into colors. And it gives this particular shape:
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09 avril 2008

Rawa 2nd edition

Went to Rawa for the second time last week-end. Second trip organized by Leong there and at the same time last trip organized by him for NUS exchange students (he's been doing this for the past 6 years and is moving soon to the states..).   Rawa itself was the same: perfect white sand beach, blue-transparent water (though it was a bit greenish this time due to the monsoon which is ending soon..), very small island with only two resorts and hence few tourists on it, and perfect weather during two days..   So... [Lire la suite]
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07 septembre 2007

Budget for Pulau Rawa

I went to Pulau Rawa, an island in Malaysia for 2 days and I paid for the whole trip: Er..I don't know exactly...let's calculate it roughly. -bus+fast boat+1night+lunch/dinner/breakfast: S$ 178 -1 night in Mersing Hotel 20RM (S$ 10) -1 breakfast in Mersing 4RM (S$ 1.75) -1 lunch on Sunday: 8RM (S$ 3.5) Total: around S$ 194 (93euros) It's quite expensive for 2 days but it was one of the best trip I've ever done and I don't regret it  at all.
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27 août 2007

Pulau Rawa album

I spent two days on Pulau Rawa island doing nothing except lying on the beach, sleeping in an hamac, snorkeling and getting some sunburnt. However I managed (I don't know how) to take more than 250 pictures during this two days. Some of them are in this new album. If you want to know how much was the fast boat, the price for bungalows plus lunch/dinner/breakfast - fill free to ask me. I hope you'll enjoy the pictures (click on the one below to access the album):
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27 août 2007

Pulau Rawa

It's 00:40am and I'm back from Pulau Rawa, an island in Malaysia close to Tioman. I spent my week-end on this island whis 33 people from NUS and it was really awesome. It's probably the best beach I've ever been on: perfect white sand, coconut trees, transparent blue water, corals and almost nobody on the island. I'll put some photos and talk about it as soon as possible but right now I need some sleep. But before leaving, just one picture of Pulau Rawa:
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