07 septembre 2007

I finally got my passport back on time...

I'm planning to go to Vietnam with Thomas during the recess week. Actually I can even say we WILL go to Vietnam because we've already booked the flights tickets. Doing the North Vietnam, Ha Long Bay, etc (I'll talk about that in another post). The problem with Vietnam is that you need to do a visa before arrival (actually you can also do one once there but it's highly recommended to do it before). To do so, you have to go the Vietnam embassy which is located on Leedon Park Street (go to Holland Village, look for Leedon road, walk... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2007

The riposte...

"Dear Loic TOUS, Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts with me and Grace. We recognize that there are rooms for improvement in the services provided by yoHA. Please ensure that we are working closely together with the residents and the management in yoHA in minimising the inconvenience faced by our students. Meanwhile, we seek your kind understanding and patience while we work out the teething problems. Do not hesitate to contact Ms Grace Tan if there are more queries with regards to your... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2007

Complaining about Yoha conditions

"Dear people from OSA, I contact you because I have just submitted my application for accommodation on-campus for semester 2 and I want to be sure that you will take care of it. I don't want to say that you haven't done it for my semester 1 application (I'm actually staying at Boon Lay, block 190, no AC), I just mean that most people actually staying in PGPR are staying there simply because they have been bugging you for a while. I'm french, this is not in our culture, this is not my culture, to bug people, to send dozens... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2007

internet access denied

Since my arrival in Singapore, I've been struggling with Boon Lay's internet access every single day. Furthemore  more and more students settled in Boon Lay and now I think there are more than 200 people trying to get wireless access to internet. We've been complaining to OSA during weeks and finally someone from the service who provides internet access came to Boon Lay on Sunday. Poor guy, he was here to answer few people and every one what filling forms about what was wrong in their flat with internet access. Then he checked... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2007

récupération de données et perte de temps

Je suis en ce moment même au IT Care et je récupère toutes les données que j'ai perdu ce week-end ce qui veut dire toutes les photos et documents administratifs que je stockais depuis 5ans... J'ai perdu toutes mes données en essayant d'installer Windows XP en plus de Vista sur mon pc, ce que j'ai réussi à faire. Le problème c'est que vu que mon ordinateur est sorti avec Vista il me manquait la moitié des drivers (carte wifi, ports USB,...). Je suis repassé sur Vista en utilisant le système de restauration de Packard Bell qui a... [Lire la suite]
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15 août 2007

new timetable

Today, I discovered that I had a clash between one of my course and a Lab session. I tought that my Lab were only scheduled on Monday but actually there are some sessions on Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon (it depends to which Lab pair you belong to). My lab pair was due to do all my Lab sessions on Monday but also on Thursday, precisely the day where I have one lecture in the department of Physics. I have been struggling for a week to get this particular module and now I was wondering if I will manage to keep... [Lire la suite]
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10 août 2007

ICA and student pass..

J'avais passé la soirée de jeudi soir avec Leong (mon parrain que j'ai en commun avec Camilo grâce au Host Family Programme) et d'autre étudiants d'échange qui sont ici à Singapour en stage: Sabrina, Ryan,...Ceux-ci organisent des trips en asie du sud est pour les étudiants d'échange (road trip, beach trip) et le tout premier qu'ils organisent est ce week end: 2jours à Kuala Lumpur pour S$ 68 (transport en bus en Malaysie plus une nuit à l'hôtel). Pas cher, donc très demandé (200demandes sur le groupe Facebook créé à cet effet). J'ai... [Lire la suite]
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10 août 2007

finally I got my modules (almost all of them..)

Friday morning, fucking alam clock. It's 7am and I have to go to NUS to give them (MSE department) my transcripts. First step: go to registar's office (at University Hall) and collect the transcripts I gave them 2months ago. 9am, they finally gave me copies of my transcripts. 20min of waiting for 2 pages written in english...At least I managed to help a student from switzerland who didn't know how to build a timetable (use timetable builder). Obviously he had arrived in Singapore only a few days ago.. Second step: go to MSE department... [Lire la suite]
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08 août 2007


"-hello, is this Loic?-Yes it is, who am I talking to?-Ms -can't remember her name- from the department MSE (Materials Sciences and Engineering), did you ask for 3 modules in MSE?-Yes I did, why? Is there any problem?-No don't worry, I just need all your transcripts (résultats d'exams)-Right now??????-No, you can bring them on Friday, you have them, haven't you?-Yes I do (big lie), I'll bring them to you on Friday. see you-See you. Bye bye"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkk, it's 6pm and I discover that I have to bring... [Lire la suite]
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08 août 2007


Pour répondre à un commentaire sur mon blog, je voulais dire clairement que j'utilise égalment les photos de thomas et que donc dorénavant toutes les photos qui sont dans ma galerie photo de ne sont pas uniquement de moi. Celles se terminant par @tp sont l'oeuvre de thomas. J'aurais bien aimé mettre un lien vers ton blog thomas mais je crois que tu me tuerai pour ca...
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