Hi Aaron,

I've been staying at yo:ha more than 5 months and like you said it's been a bit complicated at the beginning for the free buses and the internet access. However we complained a lot about it and now I think it's ok. You have 7 free buses in the morning (7am, 8am, 8:30am - 2 buses , 9am - 2 buses - ,  and 9:30am;) and 7 buses in the evening (from 6 pm to 10pm). Apparently 5 buses in the morning and 6 in the evening are planned for next sem

Regarding the internet access they decided to change their internet provider and during the last week we had a private access for each room using wi-fi. It is really stable and rather fast (not what you can get in Europe or in the US but you can watch video on youtube to give you an idea).

Concerning the people that were staying at Boon Lay, it was mostly graduate students: my flatmates were 25 and 30 and doing a Master and a Phd respectively. We were very few people not doing graduate studies because usually they give to Non-graduating students a room at PGPR.

Finally I'll just conclude by saying that Boon was fun, I met plenty of people there, you can go to any room you want to visit your friends, you are with the locals when you're having dinner at the hawkercenter, we did a huge party for Halloween (many people from PGPR came for it). In short you really experienced a "Boon Lay atmosphere" even though it's far from the city center (you'll pay 10SGD and spend 30min more than the people from PGP) and there is nothing to do (it's a residential area, no swimming pool, no facilities except a gym). I think it really worth it compare to a 800-1000SGD-a-month-flat downtown.

Hope it'll help you.

some pictures of the flat