Pulau Rawa

3 buses, 34 people 7eleven open 24hour bargaining for alcohol (7rings 1 bottle) mersing hotel, friday's night audrey Gabrielle and matthew malaysian flag Germans dudes Nico matthew malaysian building 1ring, less than 50c Sin for breakfast blue sky blue sky lunch break on Saturday waiting for the fast boat port 2 house around the port fast boat fast boat still sun, blue sky, blue sea 20min of sailing discovering the island Pulau Rawa Pulau Rawa IMG_3037 perfect white sand post card view coconut trees along the beach boat but no wind so IMG_3048 Carlo OUR bar Pulau Rawa beach again Pulau Rawa beach Jeremy and can't see Pulau Rawa trip Audrey, me and aleks Stephan 3 Beach volley IMG_3071 me 2 Gabrielle and Matthew (2) Stephan 2 IMG_3084 lying on the beach Andre, Stephan National Geographic octopus man Cecile huge komodo dragon (1 blue guitar, blue water germans discovering warm sea path to the houses Pulau rawa's house coconut tree IMG_3139 inside Pulau Rawa's house barbecue for dinner Pulau Rawa's restaurant IMG_3163 IMG_3164 Ville, me IMG_3177 Matthew and Gabrielle IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3197 Leong (2) Jeremy (2) Katja and me IMG_3203 Matthew is really shit face white sand white sand IMG_3218 tourists again sabrina, cecile, and katja Cecile, Katja, and Sabrina it's not to buy, too bad transparent water and corals blue transparent water houses on water lukas food, music 50m from the sea samir pulau rawa coconut tree