Kuala Lumpur

84 floors!!!! View from the skybridge Petronas is everywhere in Malaysia The 4 fisrt prime minister of Malaysia are burried in the Mosque IMG_3434 KL tower same camel but from above red sunset on KL Stairway to heaven Arriving to batu caves Batu caves statue 40m high on the 21st stair Monkeys or muniets the final stair, finally inside batu caves indian statue (dunno which god it is) er going back I didn't understood why his head is painted like that (some adults are doing it too) going back from darks caves Times Square, biggest mall is southeast asia inside times square 11 floors of shops A roller coaster inside the mall!!!!! IMG_3731 Clock on a plaza besides Masjid Djamek Kuala Lumpur written on a skyscraper hisham, moi, fred before leaving Singapore Hisham sleeping on the pavement waiting for Petronas towers' opeing (it's 4am) Petronas towers' skybridge Green pass or blue pass, 15min allowed on the skybridge only 157m high only for the skybridge No comment (it's still in Malaysia) dunno what to say KL's monorail Chinatown mainstreet Petaling street in Chinatown local street in Kuala Lumpur KFC a restaurant, since when Masjid (=mosque) Negara Fred and me stayed sleeping on a bench of the mosque for 1 hour while Hisham was praying no comment again Negara praying room Mosque entrance (the star with 8 peaks is everywhere) Negara, one of the biggest mosque in Malaysia Lakegarden on the West of Negara mosque IMG_3431 Hilton and Meridien (the monorail stop is behind) Kuala Lumpur at sunset Kuala Lumpur Petronas tower at night KL at night Petronas tower at night 2 IMG_3521 IMG_3525 Our room at trekkers lodge (4€ night) Bus 11 to batu caves (2RM) Batu caves is an indian temple IMG_3583 Dark cave are on the top left of Batu caves' stairs IMG_3657 Mc donalds' spicy foldover (2€ for a large meal) around Chinatown The is a an Imax theatre inside Times Square (3€) no comment Chinatown at night Masjid djamek Chinatown, 3€ for glasses, 1€ for a dvd